About Us​

Santa Clarita Valley CoderDojo is a community-based, community-operated, all volunteer-run, free non-profit that provides youth in grades K-12 free learning opportunities in computer programming in a fun, family-friendly, inclusive, social learning environment that also provides skill development in leadership. teamwork, and communications through peer-to-peer learning and presentations. Youth are developed as independent, self-sufficient learners through autonomy in decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking. However, our objective is not simply programming, but to encourage digital literacy by exposing youth members to many different topics. While youth members enjoy computer programming, we look to infuse the environment with opportunities to practice important life skills also needed in the workplace.

Our Mission

We are open to the public, and while the majority of our membership resides in the Santa Clarita Valley area, we also serve families that come from outside the local area.


Our dedicated co-founders and all of our caring volunteers invite you to become a part of our club and get involved in the learning and leadership opportunities available. Visit our ‘Sessions and Schedule’ tab to find out about our sessions and when they’re held and enjoy free membership by registering with our event notification system. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the form below or email us at [email protected].

Our Team

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Sainik Ghosh

Founder & Mentor

Sainik is an aspiring tech-entrepreneur. He has been learning computer science and programming (Python, Java, Web Design, Scratch) for the last 4 years. As he is pursuing his passion, he also wanted to share the same with kids in his local community. He found CoderDojo’s global platform and mission to provide free learning opportunities to youth as a perfect place for kids to get started. Currently, Sainik is a Junior at West Ranch High.

As a parent of this current age, Saugata believes that ‘Coding’ is the new form of literacy with global language – it not only helps in the development of computational skills but also helps in problem-solving and thinking. Saugata started his career in corporate finance, later transitioned to technology consulting. Over the years, he worked on many technology projects at companies like Apple, Google, Adobe, HPE. Currently he is working as a Senior Director at Twitch, an Amazon company.

Rayyan Mridha


Rayyan is an aspiring computer science student with a desire to expand his interest in tech to everyone around him. He is committed to making programming a welcoming experience. His skill set consists of several years in Java and C++ and while currently learning Swift and Python. He also has knowledge of coding ideologies such as object-oriented programming and inheritance. Currently, Rayyan is obtaining an Associate’s degree for transfer at Pierce College.

Diwakar is currently pursuing his engineering degree in computer science. Outside his engineering pursuit, he has obtained a spectrum of credentials including Python for Data Science, Python for Machine Learning, Data visualization using Python, Data analysis using Python, Data visualization with PowerBI, AwS Machine Learning. He has 2+ years of hands-on projects experience in Python and 1+ years of experience working in the EdTech industry. 

Liam Cohen


Liam Cohen is a future engineering student with a goal to help everyone understand the world as much as possible. He proficient in JavaScript and C++ and has an IT certification. He currently is a freshman at West Ranch High School and is taking classes in engineering and computer science